Aerial Photography

Owner/Chief Pilot of Blue Sky Helicopters, Mark Fitzsimmons began his career as an aerial photographer, before becoming a helicopter pilot.

Flying with a true photographic pilot is of paramount importance if you want to achieve a great result. In reality there are only a handful (locally) who really understand composition & light and the direct relationship it has with the pilot & handling of the aircraft. Couple that with 20 years of working within the Sydney control zone, it means that if anyone can get the shot for you, it’ll be Blue Sky!

Mark can either photograph the site for you (with one of our other pilots flying), or if you are an aerial photographer, he’ll fly you. With thousands of hours flying as a photographic/media pilot or actually in the role of aerial photographer (UK/USA & Australia) you’ll be guaranteed to get the very best result.

As an alternative, Blue Sky has been working for many years with two of Sydney’s most dynamic and respected photographers, Hamilton Lund and James Morgan. As individuals they have captured some of the most amazing and indelible aerial images over Sydney. It is for this reason, that we have no hesitation in suggesting you also consider one of them to shoot your next aerial production with Blue Sky.

HamiltonHamilton Lund is an award winning, Sydney based photographer, with over 25 years experience across the industry. Hamilton has particular expertise and passion for location photography. He has long been trusted by Australian and International organisations to photograph life’s large and exciting moments as well as the important ones. He can regularly be found hanging out of helicopters, off bridges, dangling from cherry pickers, perched on the tallest buildings or just plain floating upside down in the harbour. Anything for a great shot!

Contact Hamilton through us or direct if you prefer www.hamiltonlund.com

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For over 30 years, James Morgan has worked as a professional photographer with some of the world¹s most recognizable people and businesses and in some of the most known locations around the world. Companies in Australia, the UK and the USA regularly use the experience and creative skills of his unique photographic expertise to create the work they require. With a personal love of flying, James has worked using the services of aerial operators around the world and welcomes the challenge that shooting from above the world creates within his diverse work.

Contact James through us or direct if you prefer www.morgan-photo.com

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